Installation of QML and VisionControl at Ernst Hofer in Markgrafneusiedl

Our client Hofer decided on a QUADRO AIR MIX UNIT (QML) in one storage hall and for the other storage hall for a forced ventilation system (pressure wall).

The ventilation and the optional mechanical cooling will be started or stopped based on the information of the temperature and humidity sensors and setting of the Vision Control.

The Vision Control is an intelligent storage computer that controls temperature and relative humidity as well as CO2 level by regulating fans, hatches, heaters and refrigeration devices. This results in minimal storage losses as well as optimal energy saving.

One further advantage is, the owner must not be physically there to check all relevant data. Therefore, we from Agri Rootz, can also provide tele-maintenance to help you with the ideal settings.

As there are diverging requirements in storage, Agri Rootz offers you the perfect solution individually tailored to your company. Please contact us to find out more about the different kinds of storage solutions.